Kevin Wilcox

My Personal Viewpoint

About Me

I'm an Adventurer, a Writer, an IT professional, and a Carpenter.  I'm the son of a sailor who was also a businessman.  I was taught by immersion at an early age what a paradigm is.  I'm a well known Software Developer whose identity is now revealed.  I'm an Architect, a Father, and a Husband.  I'm a Taoist. 

I'm a Futurist and Innovator.  I'm also well known for my ability to think out of the box.

I'm a sailor myself as my father was before me.  I have a sailboat and she carries my family on one of the most precious and beautiful gems of our fragile planet: the Great Lakes. Her name is Adventurous and her home port is Milwaukee.

I want to be an ecologist because I love this fragile and beautiful planet.

But I don't know how yet...

Sunset with Alex  

The autopilot is engaged while Alex and I enjoy the sunset. 

Adventurous is returning home from Milwaukee's north shore.